Choosing Your Bridesmaids Dresses


Congratulations you have chosen your best gals to be your bridesmaids for the day.
Most people think that choosing the brides dress is the biggest choice but that is just part of it! Having bridesmaids of different sizes, ages, colourings,  tastes can make getting the same style and color impossible!  When I had my wedding I had a breastfeeding size 18 bridesmaid and a size 8 ..yes that was hard!  If you are in this position here are some tips to help you get the look you want (after all it is your day!) and keep the girls happy.

For different body shapes and sizes – consider choosing the same fabric/color but getting the dress in different styles. It is better to do this than have someone who may be plus size looking and feeling uncomfortable in a strapless short length number! If the fabric is the same then no-one will notice the different style but rather how lovely your bridesmaids look in their dresses as each one will be tailored to the individual’s body shape. They will look better and feel better, win-win!

If you have bridesmaids of different complexions such that the lemon shade you loved will look lovely on your olive skinned bridesmaids but wash out your fair skinned bridesmaid’s complexion,  consider different shades.  Every color gets its different shades with base colors. Most dress makers will have several shades of colors for different fabrics that you can try out. If this doesn’t work you can always mix it up with different colors and tie the colors together in their individual bouquets and accessories.

There is no hard and fast rule for dressing your bridesmaids just remember to consider each bridesmaids style when choosing their gowns so that everyone looks great and is happy!

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