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Cleaning a Dress

Your wedding dress is a specialty fabric that is delicate and needs special treatment when cleaning. You should consider carefully the fabric, work, and the cost of the dress beforehand, choosing a reliable and good service. Many dry cleaners offer wet cleaning services, where use of a soaking sink maintains a temperature that is optimum and mild without damaging your precious dress. The rest of the cleaning is done in a machine and dry cleaners will ensure any stains or damage is sorted out.


Some cleaning services additionally also offer to mend any tear, do check before hand so you know the exact condition you gave it in and choose one with good reviews so you know you won’t end up with your dress in a poor condition after cleaning. Sometimes over time the gown may have yellowed slightly on account of stains from sweating, or grease which you will not have spotted right away due to ageing. If you plan to sell your gown a site which specialises in taking in second hand gowns, making sure it is in pristine condition to fetch a good price is important.


If it is a heavily embellished dress or has a lot of design that makes it very buffed up, you need to put it in a duvet or garment bag when storing it. Be sure to check with the cleaners if they follow special procedures in case of coloured work on the dress.  Many people worry that dry cleaners may be using harsh chemicals which can spoil and damage the fabric, but there are excellent reputed cleaning services that personally hand-clean, press, and deliver the dresses with careful preservation of the delicate beadwork, lace and other embellishments that may be present.  With a great cleaning and preservation service, your dress will be ready for sale, as good as new to be donned by another beautiful bride on their big day!

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