Help! I Need to Alter My Wedding Dress

The majority of women won’t just be able to snap up the world’s most beautiful wedding gown, set it aside until the big day, then put it on to have it fit perfectly. You may change shape and size between the day you purchase the dress and the day you’ll actually be wearing it for your nuptials. You should accept the need to make some changes as a natural part of the process of selecting a dress – bride dress alterations are to be expected.

Because you will be anticipating making some changes to your dress, it may be best to ask your bridal shop experts how the system works from their point of view, so you will know how you can fit in to their timing. Bride dress alterations may include some complex work and probably can’t be completed overnight.

Custom-made for you

Even if you choose a wedding gown straight off the rack, it will probably still require some alterations for it to fit you perfectly. You will need to allow time and budget considerations for everything to work perfectly for you.

If you’re using wedding dress designers to help create your dream gown, they will not consider your initial measurements as final. Bride dress alterations will be part and parcel of their process and they will always allow for plenty of time to call you in for your final fitting, giving them adequate time to complete the work.

It is better for all parties to assume some adjustments will need to be made; the majority of women are not a standard size and many will vary in the months leading up to their big day.




Do not consider DIY

Under no circumstances should you consider to attempt to make alterations yourself. A wedding dress is not an item of clothing you should make changes to unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing and have the experience to match your skills. You may not understand how the dress is constructed – especially those that are made of several layers of fabric lace and covered in beading. Some women may be tempted to save money on bride dress alterations, but it’s not a good idea. Your budget should always allow for some changes to be made; if things aren’t right at the very last minute you will need an expert to provide you with the skills and expertise to fix them.

The time required to make the alterations may come as a shock if you haven’t discussed it in your original communications. The fittings and any ensuing changes need to be part of a well-planned out process – organised well in advance. To allow sufficient leeway within your budget and timescale, bride dress alterations need to be included in overall scheme of things.

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