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Buyers : Browse our amazing array of pre-loved wedding dresses (you can browse by your location and a range of other options) and if you see one that takes your fancy contact the seller to facilitate a sale.. easy!
Seller : 1. Create an    Account 2. List your wedding    dress 3. Payment 4. Finished
The first step you need to do is select ‘Create an Account’ and set yourself up – very quick and easy! Fill in all the information where prompted (where you can) and upload some photos of your stunning dressMore

(try to provide some close ups and as much detail as you can) then proceed to make your one-time payment for the listing.

We accept Paypal for payments where you can pay with your Paypal account or use your credit card.More

Fees are $10 for a standard listing and $18 for a featured (home page) listing (for wedding dresses) and $5 for all other listings.

Sit back and hopefully you will receive an email soon from a potential customer who adores your dress!


Online Safety

Always protect yourself online, there are always scammers out there – we always recommend Paypal if you are not dealing with someone face to face. Never give your credit card details over the phone. If you are being targeted by someone whom you believe to be a scammer please let us know at admin@prelovedweddingdresses.net.au

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