How To Take Care Of Your Engagement Ring


After the complicated process of finding the perfect engagement ring, you’ll want to keep it looking good year after year. Make sure to keep up the good work those engagement ring designers started by following these handy tips to keeping your ring in good condition.

Consider that a vintage engagement ring will habitually be more delicate than other rings, the band itself and the stone which is set it in will need to be treated more carefully. The first and most obvious precaution to take with your engagement ring is to remove it before you perform any kind of rough and tumble DIY or exercise, or anything that might lead to you losing the ring. Everybody remembers the old cliché about doing the washing up with your ring on. As well as these precautions, you may need to occasionally clean the ring to keep it looking good as new.

Before performing any cleaning on the ring, make sure that the stone is set firmly in place, don’t risk losing your precious gem. If the stone feels loose at all, take the ring to professional engagement ring designers to get it tightened firmly into its setting. Once all these steps have been taken, fetch a small cleaning item such as a fine toothbrush or a small sponge, and fill up a large bowl with warm water. Avoid using any harsh industrial chemicals like industrial strength bleach products when cleaning you engagement ring, as this may end up causing more problems than it solves. Soak the ring in the warm water, before applying weak strength soap to the whole structure carefully, before rinsing off the soap in a fresh bowl of water, making sure to remove all cleaning agent from the ring.

Next, take a fine, soft toothbrush and lightly scrub the stone, around its setting and the band of the engagement ring. Be careful not to apply too much pressure at this stage, as you may risk marking the metal permanently. Gently rinse the ring through the warm water to get rid of any dirt remaining on the surface, and then thoroughly dry the entire structure. Take care to dry every part of the ring, as moisture can lead to rusting and other forms of damage to the metal plating. Another important thing to note is that a piece of dirt that isn’t being removed by the brushing might be permanent, and might even be keeping the gem in place so you should consult a professional if you want to remove this.

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