Kids and Weddings

Including small children as part of your bridal party can be great fun especially if the children’s parents are close friends or family. However; do keep in mind that it can be hard work to have young children in your- bridal party so try and pick children who you know will be happy to be included. The last thing you want is a tot having a tantrum in taffeta.


Bride with Flower Girls

It can be a very long day for little ones especially if the ceremony is outdoors in the sun or requires them to patiently endure a long church ceremony. Make sure the kids are dressed last and as close to the ceremony as possible, especially if they as feral as my children.


Ceremony rehearsals are always a good idea and your flower girl and/or pageboy may even benefit from a few extra run throughs just for them- this can also be a way of showing them how they should behave and they can get begin to understand how important the day is  without creating too much hype – if that is possible.


Traditionally the flower-girl leads the procession, often carrying her own small bouquet or scattering rose petals ahead of the bride from a basket. Her dress is often a smaller version of the bride’s or a dress which matches the bridesmaids and should be tailored to fit her. Shoes should be comfortable; simple ballet flats are perfect. She could also wear a corsage or a flower wreath in her hair; there are plenty of beautiful options that she will no doubt love wearing well beyond the big day itself.


By the time the reception comes along, their patience (and yours) may be tested so it might work out well to have a few kid-friendly options at the reception including food they like or a few games or colouring­ in books to entertain them. There are even agencies offering nannies for a few hours who will help entertain them with more organised play. Smaller kids may prefer a quieter spot for a nap so check with your reception if there is space for them to curl up somewhere.


If you feel you would like a flower-girl and/or paige boy at your ceremony but your reception is a kid free zone then just explain to people that they are an exception and that you really are just keeping it to adults. Having two young children myself – I would completely understand this! Some people know that the kids of the guests are not the kind or behave so it is understandable that a bride and groom who may spend a small fortune on their wedding does not want it spoilt by having kids crying and running amok!


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