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Honeymoon Ideas with Kids

For those who get married with their rugrats already in existence its hard to find that place to really call a honeymoon and relax.

Pool at Shangri-la

We found a place that caters for both adults and kids (even babies) without sacrificing on a quality honeymoon experience. The Shangri-la resort in Sentosa Singapore  is 5 stars and ticks all of the boxes.

The place is a paradise resort with beautiful gardens, scenery and activities. The rooms are serviced  twice daily and I could not fault them for up to date style and cleanliness.

So what to do with the kids? Well thats where the kids club comes in. I for one am not usually keen on leaving my kids with strangers - mine did not even attend daycare in Australia le

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Mix & Match Bridesmaids Dresses!


Thank god! Finally its 'in' to have bridesmaids in different dresses! (Maybe not quite like the last scene from '27 Dresses' but you get the idea).

One idea that looks amazing is having different metallic shades such as bronze, rose gold, silver etc. This may sound odd but done in the right style can really look special. It also plays up to your bridesmaids natural colour tones eg. blondes look amazing in gold and a red head might shimmer in bronze.


You are only limited by your imagination and style. Try creating a pinterest board and sharing it with

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Sell My Wedding Dress

There are several reasons you may say 'Sell my wedding dress!'. One is you never liked it anyway and are just not that sentimental (me) That Honeymoon turned into a baby moon without your knowledge and what once seemed like a good idea to spend $5k on a wedding dress is now looking a bit extravagent when looking at the cost of a pram! Whatever the reason, you need to make sure you will not regret it and once you are comfortable with that then look around to see what is out there and how they are priced. You can place your dress with a dedicated wedding dress classified such as preownedweddingdresses.net.au or you can go with a local free classified such as Gumtree, eBay etc. By placing it with a specialty site you are not going to get as many 'Crank' enquiries and may be able to ask a higher price as you are getting serious brides. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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Looking for Party & Wedding linen?


Just Party Linen specialises in providing quality event linen at discount prices. They offer wholesale tablecloths for wedding industry and ABN holders and retail for brides and the public. Just Party Linen Decorating a venue has never been easier with their huge range of tablecloths, chair covers, table runners and napkins. The new couture range is really special with some amazing and unique table runners. Chair cov

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