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Why Sell on ?

Only PreOwnedWeddingDresses.net.au  charge a one time fee for listings until sold! This fee is only $10 for dresses and $5 for accessories – no commissions or deadlines.


Seller Privacy

We’re consumers too, and we value our privacy. It makes sense that you would value yours too. Your email address will never be displayed publicly on our website. Nor will we ever sell, rent or otherwise disclose your information to a 3rd party.


Seller Protection


Having been in the business long enough, we know how to identify inauthentic requests and scam attempts. Using sophisticated tools, we filter initial buyer emails to help prevent scams inquiries from ever reaching your inbox. And if you ever get an email that you aren’t sure about, you can email us for a consult.


Unlimited Description


No one knows your dress better than you, so we don’t require you to limit your description of it to prospective brides. We also know a picture says a thousand words, so we offer up to five pictures for each post, allowing you to give buyers a great idea of how fantastic your gown is. Want to update your listing? Do it as often as you like, without ever being charged a fee.


It’s Easy


1. Create an Account
The first step you need to do is select ‘Create an Account’ and set yourself up – very quick and easy!

2. List your wedding dress
Fill in all the information where prompted (where you can) and upload some photos of your stunning dress (try to provide some close ups and as much detail as you can) then proceed to make your one-time payment for the listing.

3. Payment
We accept Paypal for payments. Fees are $10 for standard listing and $18 for a featured (home page) listing (for wedding dresses) and $5 for all other listings.

4.  Finished
Sit back and hopefully you will receive an email soon from a potential customer who adores your dress!

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