Tips for the Big day

Accidents happen

Get a small emergency kit together and leave it with your mother or one of your bridesmaids. Put in some tissues, band-aids, hairspray, bobby pins, safety pins, mints, sunscreen, lollies and anything else you might need with you on the day.

You will need your sustenance!

Eat a hearty breakfast, you may not get another chance to eat until the reception and you could find that even then, you’ll be too busy socialising to sit down and eat properly.

Be organised

It’s a good idea to give all guests a run sheet for the day  if everyone knows your planned coming and goings, it can help to minimise tardiness.

Keep contacts close

Write down the contact details of all the pivotal people involved in the ceremony and reception, like venue supervisors, drivers, photographers, officiates, parents and bridal party attendants and keep it close to hand, just in case.

The day is about the both of you

Take the time during your reception to get away from the party and spend a few moments just the two of you. The day rushes by so quickly and you’ll be happy you dedicated those few precious moments just to relish it.

Greet your guests

Try and greet all your guests during the reception. It can be hard to sit down with everyone but if you let your guests know how happy you are to have them there, sharing the day with you, that will be enough.

Drink water

Drink plenty of water throughout the day and try not to overdo the alcohol at the reception. You want to remember as much of the day as possible.

Wet weather Plan

Try and have a contingency plan for wet or windy weather organised early on so you don’t need to worry if you wake up to black clouds. Discuss with your venue coordinator if they have a back-up location you can use and perhaps invest in a few large umbrellas for moving under  cover.

Look after your hair & makeup

If you are having your hair or make-up done, remember to wear a buttoned shirt which you won’t need to take off over your head. Your hairstyle and make-up may get ruined by trying to take a t-shirt off. If you have a dress which needs to go over your head, wrap a scarf around your hair and face so the dress will slide on easily without damaging your hair or getting covered in make-up.

Rest up

Get a good night’s sleep before the big day. Try not to leave things until the last minute; you don’t want to be staying up late finishing all those DIY bonbonnieres the night before the wedding. Complete any DIY tasks a few days before hand and pack your overnight or honeymoon bag well in advance. Lay everything out that you’ll need in the morning and fall asleep knowing you have done everything you can and that the next day is going to be perfect.

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