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Then average wedding costs about $35,000 according to the latest surveys – huge right? Most of the time this is not the figure the couple intended on spending and can set them back years in their life goals together. Remember to keep a perspective when planning your wedding-yes it is your special day, but it is also the start of a new life with your life partner and do you really want to start that new life with a debt from your party?

Creating a Budget

We highly recommend having a solid budget and sticking to it. Once you have your budget in place you can start to focus on how you are going to save for it (realistically) and track you your savings are going in relation to the budget you have set. or you may just have parents who will pay for it  but these days that is erring on the rarity side. If you parents have offered to contribute but have not said how much don’t be shy in asking them how much they are wiling to part with. If it helps, set your budget then sit down with your parents and show them and explain how you are setting up a savings plan.. believe me they will be impressed with your mature approach to your wedding and may happily give you more than you first thought! On the flip side, if you are unsure of if/when you are getting any money from parents have a back up plan as there is nothing more stressful than wondering how you are going to pay for everything a few days out from the date!

Our Budgeting Tool

On that note, we have found and tweaked this great excel spread sheet for brides to use to plan their wedding budget : Wedding Budget Tool

Good luck!



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