Wedding Fabrics Glossary

Learn how to sort your silks from your satins with our glossary of basics wedding fabric terms.

Silk duchesse – heavy and beautiful. This fabric has a smooth, lustrous sheen on one side and a matte finish on the other. It’s ideal for a structured gown.

Silk satins elegant and flowing. This fabric can have one lustrous side and one matt, or two satin sides. Available in many different weights, it is slightly softer in feel and sheen than duchesse silk and is perfect for bias cut designs.

wedding fabric - Satin

Thai/Dupoini satin – chic and fluid. This satin has a more flat, textured look It is common to find this style of fabric shot with color.

Silk chiffon soft and floaty. This transparent fabric hangs lightly and is soft to touch.

Silk georgette – sheer and light. It has more of a crepe finish than chiffon.

Silk organza -transparent and sheer. This fabric has a crisp finish and is heavier and stiffer than some chiffons.


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